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Accepted Insurance Providers

Insurance and Billing Questions

Do you bill for secondary insurance coverage?

Yes, for certain payors we do. Should you wish to file with another secondary carrier, we will supply you with the necessary statements to do so.

Why does it take you six months to bill me for something the insurance company did not pay for?

We bill as soon as possible after the insurance company has issued its final determination (EOB). Therefore, it could be nearly six months before we send you an updated statement.

Why do I have to call your office for a referral?

Insurance companies use the referral system as a way of controlling costs and impose strict guidelines on referrals. In most cases, the referral is made by a computer when we type in your information. Their referral computer will generally respond with a referral number.

I properly submitted my request for a referral to your office but when I arrived at my specialist’s office, they told me that they did not have a referral from you and I would have to wait until you sent it.

Our office keeps rigorous records of requests for referrals (including telephone logs of those requests) and copies of confirmations of those requests being sent to specialists. We can locate the status of a referral request within a few minutes.


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Free Prenatal Checkups

Expect More from Your Pediatrician

Not sure what to do before the baby arrives? Complimentary prenatal checkups make choosing a pediatrician that much easier for expecting moms and dads. Sit down with Dr. Despinasse and get to know the Fertile Crescent Pediatrics staff long ahead of your due date.

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Annual Well Visits

Checkups for Growing Kids

They sure do grow up fast, don’t they? Beginning at two years of age, we recommend annual well visits for every child. These checkups are important to ensure your child continues to meet certain growth and developmental benchmarks, as well as to perform regular health screenings and immunizations.

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