A Baton Rouge Pediatric Clinic with One Priority in Mind: Your Children

Dr. Brian Despinasse opened Fertile Crescent Pediatrics in 2004 to create a different kind of Baton Rouge pediatric clinic — one with a nurturing environment where children and families can enjoy the comfort of seeing the same doctor every time. We cherish those one-on-one relationships because they are crucial to each child’s coordinated health care. Dr. Despinasse knows making the effort to keep parents highly informed throughout the course of their children’s care is better for his patients and better for his practice.

When patients understand their condition, they are more likely to comply with therapies that may help. Dr. Despinasse and the experienced Fertile Crescent staff take the time to educate patients and their parents. Day or night, an expert member of our Baton Rouge pediatric clinic is available to answer your questions and to explain our procedures to your satisfaction (read more about after hours policies). Fertile Crescent Pediatrics believes in keeping an open dialogue between families and health care professionals, so that you can actively participate in your child’s well-being.

Our children represent an important part of our future, both valuable and vulnerable. Dr. Despinasse and the pediatric staff of Fertile Crescent understand the critical differences in treating and caring for children, from birth through adolescence. We make it each day’s goal to meet and exceed the expectations of families who seek personalized care, nurturing guidance and a welcoming environment from their Baton Rouge pediatric clinic.

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Free Prenatal Checkups

Expect More from Your Pediatrician

Not sure what to do before the baby arrives? Complimentary prenatal checkups make choosing a pediatrician that much easier for expecting moms and dads. Sit down with Dr. Despinasse and get to know the Fertile Crescent Pediatrics staff long ahead of your due date.

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Annual Well Visits

Checkups for Growing Kids

They sure do grow up fast, don’t they? Beginning at two years of age, we recommend annual well visits for every child. These checkups are important to ensure your child continues to meet certain growth and developmental benchmarks, as well as to perform regular health screenings and immunizations.

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