Baton Rouge Pediatric Services

Same-Day Sick Visits

Dr. Despinasse and the staff of Fertile Crescent Pediatrics reserve an ample amount of openings to accommodate sick visits. During cold and flu season, we open up our schedule for more even more sick visits. If by chance you are unable to obtain a same-day appointment or unsure whether you really need to come in, one of our highly trained Advice Nurses will assess your child’s chief medical complaint and offer assistance in the most appropriate course of action.

Well-Child Checkups

We usually place children 24 months and younger on a specified checkup schedule. After two years of age, your child should have a yearly pediatric checkup. Well-child checkups focus on health issues, developmental milestones, diseases that are “going around” and other topics important to your child’s physical and mental well-being. If you would like to schedule a checkup, please call our office at 225.924.7343 today.


The last twenty years have seen many of the “childhood illnesses” greatly diminish in this country. This is mostly due to the development of a strong childhood immunization program through such entities as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Please visit our page on immunizations for more information about immunizations as part of our comprehensive pediatric services.

On-Site Pediatric Services Lab

Sports Physicals

Most schools require some sort of a physician’s certification in order for your child to participate in a school-sponsored athletic program. As with all Fertile Crescent pediatric services, we will conduct your child’s physical examination quickly and efficiently in an environment suitable to his or her needs. If your child has had a recent physical at Fertile Crescent Pediatrics, an additional exam may not be necessary.

Newborn Circumcision

We offer outpatient circumcision for newborns from birth through 2 months of age. Call our front office at 225.924.7343 to schedule.

Ear Piercing

We offer ear piercing for all individuals older than 4 months and who are up-to-date on all immunizations. Call our office at 225.924.7343 to schedule an appointment.

Free Prenatal Checkup

Expectant parents and families naturally have many questions regarding the delivery process and what happens after the baby arrives. As part of our extensive pediatric services, Fertile Crescent Pediatrics is proud to offer prenatal checkups at no cost. Dr. Despinasse enjoys speaking to and getting to know the parents prior to delivery.

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Free Prenatal Checkups

Expect More from Your Pediatrician

Not sure what to do before the baby arrives? Complimentary prenatal checkups make choosing a pediatrician that much easier for expecting moms and dads. Sit down with Dr. Despinasse and get to know the Fertile Crescent Pediatrics staff long ahead of your due date.

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Annual Well Visits

Checkups for Growing Kids

They sure do grow up fast, don’t they? Beginning at two years of age, we recommend annual well visits for every child. These checkups are important to ensure your child continues to meet certain growth and developmental benchmarks, as well as to perform regular health screenings and immunizations.

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